Cookie Sale Information

Cookies are for sale starting January 11th 2014.
Cookies in West Pacific Region are selling for $4.00 per box.
The Girl Scout Cookie Program is a seasonal, optional activity in which Daisy through Ambassador troops voluntarily participate as a way to raise money for troop activities.
Girl Scouts have sold cookies since the 1920s!
Check out this video about Girl Scout Cookie Sales:

Benefits for Girls

For many girls, the Girl Scout Cookie Program is their first entrepreneurial venture and helps foster a sense of achievement that resonates far into the future. Girl Scout cookies are only sold for three short weeks, but the benefits for girls last throughout their entire lives! Many of today’s successful businesswomen credit their professional accomplishments to their early start in the Girl Scout Cookie Program. Because of this experience, they learned how to be members of a team, work toward a common goal, interact with customers in a professional manner, follow through on a commitment, and strive to do their best. Selling cookies helps girls develop a wide range of skills, including:

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