Volunteers Make Girl Scouts Possible!

Girl Scouts come in all age groups—all you have to want is to make a difference in the lives of girls. Adults 18 years of age or older can join Girl Scouts to serve as a mentor or speak at a Girl Scout event, volunteer in a troop or group, offer services at the committee level, or simply say "I believe in the Girl Scout mission and want to show my support by becoming a member."

Membership is what you make it. Pitch in your expertise or build a skill you've always wanted to develop. Speak any foreign languages? Have a green thumb? We need your talent! You can spend an hour, a day, or more, depending on your schedule. We're looking for members who believe in girls and volunteers who represent the diversity of the world we live in—women, men, young adults, senior citizens, people of all racial and ethnic backgrounds, and of course our treasured Alumnae.

Find out more about volunteering opportunities and discover the many ways you can help girls grow strong.

To learn more about how your skills can match a volunteer opportunity click on the Volunteer Pathway brochure below.  Do you want to learn more about a specific volunteer position? Click on the Volunteer trefoil below 

Volunteer Next Steps

1. Complete a USAGSO – West Pacific Volunteer Application, Volunteer Reference Form and Installation Background Check.
2. Complete the online learning session, Girl Scouting 101 at http://www.gslearning.org/girlscouting101/; and Welcome to Girl Scouts – West Pacific
3. After completing the online learning session, new volunteers will attend an overseas committee orientation session. This session is scheduled directly with the overseas committee chair or designee. If you do not know your overseas committee chair contact or have any questions, please contact USAGSO– West Pacific headquarters at 034-580-0584 or email us.

Camp Zama

Mon-Thurs 0900-1400
Store: 034-580-0581
Office: 034-580-0584
or (646)381-0088

Okinawa Service Center

Temporarily closed until further notice.