Mt. Fuji Adventure Climb

Open to Cadettes through Ambassadors, girls will be spending the day and night at MCB Fuji being briefed on climbing Mt. Fuji, practicing safety and emergency outdoor skills, and doing team-building activities. On the 22nd, girls will climb a portion of Mt. Fuji and then sleep in one of the mountain huts on the mountain! Girls will wake up before dawn and finish the climb to the summit where they will have a sunrise ceremony and Girl Scout’s Own to celebrate this once in a life-time experience. Girls will then descend down the mountain and return to MCB Fuji to reflect on the experience and compile photos and videos to create a girl-led media piece on the climb. Girls will return to Camp Zama on Wednesday morning.

Fuji Climb is limited to 19 girls and all girls must fulfill the pre-requisite conditioning and get signed off by the required individuals. Read it here.

Cost: $350
Dates and Location: July 21st-July 24th @ MCB Fuji and Mt. Fuji
Registration is still open!

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