Want to go whale watching in Iceland? Help save endangered sea turtles in Costa Rica? Explore the Appalachian Mountains on horseback? There’s a destination for everyone!







Late applications for Destinations will be accepted to USAGSO-WP until January 31st, 2014. Late applicants may qualify for destinations that still have availability. Please send your applications and your destinations question to

USAGSO-WP girls who apply for the Journey to Japan- Summit Mt. Fuji Destination will be placed on a wait list.

All late applicants will be notified by the council/organization hosting the destination by March 1.

The Girl Scouts travel site is your one stop resource for girl travel:

On the home page you will find links for destinations, travel slideshows, girl stories and Global Travel Toolkit, Girl Scout Travel Videos, Why Girls Love Traveling with Girl Scouts and the 2014 destinations listings.

The destinations page features pictures of girls traveling on previous destinations, the destinations timeline, the destinations brochure, Explore It! Your Guide to GS destinations and the destinations application. You will also find links for money-earning activities for travel and financial aid forms for destinations partners.

We have a great destinationsvideo online that features a recent destinations participant and her parents.

Destinations provide girls with a unique opportunity to not only travel, but also develop new friendships, explore their interests, and build leadership skills. For girls that come back to the United States for the summer, many of the locations are within the US. Also, quite a few of the of them explore Science and career related topics which will look great on a college application!

The application can be downloaded from the GS destinations website. Girls can apply for up to 4 destinations. When applying, girls will need to fill out the application with 2 letters of recommendations. You must submit a separate application for each destination you apply for but you can use the same letters of recommendation for each application. Completed applications should be sent directly to USAGSO at and your OCC by November 21, 2013*.
(Please Note: Older versions of the destinations application state a different application process and deadline for USAGSO girls. Please disregard these instructions and apply directly to both USAGSO and your OCC).

Destinations are offered at every price level, beginning at a few hundred dollars. Girls that demonstrate a financial need may apply to USAGSO for a “travelship” and if approved, some of the costs associated with a trip will be covered by Girl Scouts. We also view destinations as a great opportunity for girls to take the initiative and earn money to pay for their trip (the destinations website has resources to help girls start to think about this).

USAGSO will be hosting 2 webinars where we will walk girls and parents through the application process, talk about financing the destinations and answer any questions you may have. You can register for a session by clicking on one of the links below! However, if you are unable to attend a webinar, please feel free to send questions to at any time!

Thursday, October 17th 7:00PM-8:00PM JST 12:00 noon Rome/Berlin

Friday, October 18th 9:00AM-10:00AM JST 2:00 am Rome/Berlin

The webinar will be recorded and made available after 19 October 2013 for those that cannot watch it live.

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