Yes, there is and it’s amazing! The prestigious, nearly 100 year old award has just jumped head first into the 21st century with the Girl Scout Gold Award App! This incredible update to the traditional award is now available to Senior & Ambassador girls. That’s right, today, right now!

We know you can’t wait to take a look at it!

But first, some background. In the past, when a girl started working on her Gold Award, it could seem overwhelming, like a lot of paperwork, with lots of hoops to jump through and red tape galore. Well, some of that is accurate – the Gold process prepares girls for what they are going to face in life – and life includes some of those aspects. But Girl Scouts teaches leadership and a good leader learns to navigate these kinds of obstacles. GSUSA realizes that technology is a big part of navigating obstacles, too. And, girls + technology = SUCCESS!

So, as of 1 October 2013, the new Girl Scout Gold Award App is available to all girls starting the Gold Award process. To navigate this tool and the Gold Award process, a detailed training can be experienced live via webinar (see our webinar calendar here) or the recorded version can be found here.


"APP-solutely" Amazing...A Summary of the App

1. Girls register with their own email addresses. Girls can even connect the app to their Facebook or Twitter accounts so real-time status of their completion can be posted straight to their Timelines! (Be sure she takes the Online Safety Pledge).

2. Each step and each page of the app includes helpful tips, tools and resources.

3. Every question completed by the girl is an interactive component of the app, helping her explore herself through the Gold Award process.

4. After completing Step 5, the answers to her questions from Step 1-5 automatically populate the Proposal Form. In ONE CLICK, the girl can review, edit, and then send her Proposal to the USAGSO Gold Award Committee.

5. With a certain time frame (no more than 4 weeks) she will get a response directly from the App to her email indicating if she needs improvement in her Proposal or if she is approved to move forward with the project. Specific feedback will come after that from the Gold Award Committee.

6. Step 6 allows the girl to document her actual progress, uploading videos, text, and pictures. After completion of the project, Step 7 culminates her input and automatically creates the Final Report. Once again, she can review, edit, and submit this form WITH ONE CLICK! App-solutely Amazing!

This process is the standard for completing the Girl Scout Gold Award across all 112 councils including USA Girl Scouts Overseas. Girls that have already started on the former process can continue that route. Details for USAGSO girls that began the process prior to 30 September 2013 can be found here.

Gold Award Facts and Figures

1.Gold Award recipients spend between one and two years on their projects.
2.The average age of Gold Award recipients is 17.
3.In nearly 100 years, one million girls have earned the Gold Award or its equivalent.
4.Gold Award recipients who join the armed services enter at one rank higher than other recruits.
5.University research indicates that adding Gold Award to a college application is a critical element in the admissions-decision process.

Just more reasons to GO FOR THE GOLD!

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