USAGSO-WP Cookie Program

It's Girl Scout Cookie Time!

The Girl Scout Cookie Program enables girls to learn and develop five skills in daily life; goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics. They learn all this while having fun!

The Girl Scout Cookie Program is the oldest and largest entrepreneurial program for girls.

Proceeds support troop/group treasuries, help girls fund their Girl Scout experience and provide important revenue that is used to support quality programs for almost 2,000 girls in mainland Japan, Okinawa and Korea.

All cookies have 0 grams of trans fat per serving and many are made with no hydrogenated oils. And what's even better they are STILL only $3.50 a box!

Booths are being held at your local Commissary and Exchange. Also contact your local Girl Scout Committee to find out other locations you can get your cookies this year!

To download the cookie program materials please click here!

To find out about cookies in your area Contact your local Girl Scouts!

To find out more about The Girl Scout Cookie Program go to!

To find out more about Girl Scout Cookies go to!

USAGSO-WP Store hours

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    1200 - 1900

    Every 3rd Saturday of the each month

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