What Can A Girl Do? A WORLD OF GOOD!

Girls sell Girl Scout Cookies once a year. WIth the guidance of troop leaders, parents, and the power of the Girl Scout Cookies, Girl Scouts can make positive changes in the world around them. A girl can speak for those less fortunate, foster changes where they're needed and have a true impact close to home, and even on the other side of the world. The Girl Scout Cookie Program is lots of fun and its also the largest girl-led business in the country while helping girls develop five key business and leadership skills that last a lifetime:

GOAL SETTING: Setting cookie sales goals and making a plan to make them.
DECISION MAKING: Deciding how the troop will spend their troop proceeds.
MONEY MANAGEMENT: Taking orders and handling customers' money.
PEOPLE SKILLS: Learning to talk and listen to all kinds of people while offering the opportunity to purchase cookies.
BUSINESS ETHICS: Being honest and responsible every step of the way.

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