USAGSO – West Pacific 2014 Global Leadership Conference

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Q: When does the conference begin and end?

A: The conference begins at 1530 on Friday, 25 April and ends 1200 on Sunday, 27 April.


Q: Is there scholarships or financial assistance available?

A: Unfortunately there are no grants, scholarships or financial assistance available from USAGSO-West Pacific for this conference. Check with your location and/or your OC to see if there are additional funds available for adult learning opportunities.


Q: What is the dress code for the conference?

A: For the morning and afternoon sessions Girl Scout attire (khakis,Girl Scout polo, and scarf) or business casual. Saturday banquet fun attire for the evening with your “fun hat” to show off.


Q: Can I bring my children to the conference?

A: We do not provide childcare. This is an adult learning event the only children welcomed at the conference are nursing babies.


Q: I’m making SWAPS to hand out at the event. Will we have an opportunity to hand them out?

A: Yes. You will be able to share your Swaps at the evening session on Friday.


Q: Will the Girl Scout shop be available at the conference?

A: Yes. The shop will sell Girl Scout adult size t-shirts, scarves, Kokeshi dolls, books and other volunteer items. Troop/girl items will not be available for sale.

Q: What are the workshops that will be offered at the conference?

A: The descriptions of the workshops are available on the conference main page under Workshop Descriptions.


Q: Are there ATM’s at the facility?

A: The NYC does not have ATM’s at the facility. Please bring plenty of yen with you. USAGSO – West Pacific cannot cash personal checks or exchange currency. There are ATM’s outside the train station for the following banks: Bank of Yokohama, Mizhu and MUFG. Please check with these banks to see if they accept your ATM cards before arriving at the facility.


Q: Where can I find the train schedule for Tokyo?

A: For detailed schedules for trains, go to the Then enter a starting and ending station for routes, times, fees, etc.).


Q: Where can I find an English version website for tourist information?

A: There are several wonderful websites that describe sites in and around Tokyo. The “Go Tokyo” website has several sample tour itineraries listed that can help you explore more of this beautiful city and surrounding areas


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