Unofficial Awards It is important, whenever possible, to acknowledge any service given, whether it is done merely with a smile and verbal "Thank You" or in a more tangible way. The type, duration and beneficiaries of service are all factors to consider when deciding how to say thanks. Handwritten notes and handmade tokens are appropriate in many cases. Girl Scout gifts, specialty items, certificates and Letters of Thanks are also appropriate ways to say thank you and are available from the Girl Scout Shop. These require no approval.

Official Awards for Individuals and Groups When an individual or group in Girl Scouting has served with unusual distinction, official recognition may be appropriate. Honoring superior service by Girl Scout adults and community friends is an established part of GSUSA's and USAGSO-WP's program. These awards powerfully reinforce the qualities and service that Girl Scouting values and provides the means to acknowledge individual and Overseas Committees for their unique and outstanding contributions.

Recognition for Organizations and Sites Just as Girl Scout volunteers should be thanked, organizations that offer support to Girl Scouts should be thanked and recognized. A simple thank you note may be sufficient, or troops may offer gifts of service to a sponsoring organization. For more extended service, certificates of appreciation or a plaque may be appropriate.

Recognition of Longevity of Membership The Membership Numeral Guard pin recognizes the individual for combined years of membership both as a girl and adult member of any Girl Scout or Girl Guide organization. It may be purchased at the Girl Scout Shop. OC Recognition Panels/Committees are encouraged to keep records of service and longevity and to initiate the appropriate presentation of these pins.

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