Board of Directors

2012-2013 Board Members


President:  Tiffney Young, University of Phoenix
Treasurer:  Garrison CSM Scarlet I. Stabel
Secretary:  Kim Stollar, The Boeing Company

Members At Large:
Phillip Hinnant, Fleet and Family Support Center
Quinn Pogvara, Community Volunteer
Jaynene K. Smith, Community Volunteer
Katherine Sonnenberg, Community Volunteer
Summer Van Pelt, University of Phoenix
Michele Wilbur, The Boeing Company

The Volunteer Board of USA Girl Scouts Overseas-West Pacific is a governance body, setting strategic direction, policy and fiscal oversight for the Girl Scouts in Japan, Okinawa and South Korea.  Each Board Member has a specific role in the annual work of USAGSO-WP through committee assignments.  Officers and members of the Board are selected for the expertise they bring to the organization.  The Board members also represent the countries we serve, the US Military Service Branches and Civilian Communities , and are racially and ethnically diverse.  Board members serve a minimum of 2 year terms.

Nominees to the Board must be at least 18 years old, reside in Japan or South Korea  and believe in the purpose of Girl Scouts.   For more information contact:  Barbara Hill,  CEO on behalf of the Board of Directors

USAGSO-WP Store hours

  • Mainland Japan - Camp Zama Service Center

    Monday - Thursday

    0900 - 1400


    Phone DSN: 263-7553

    Okinawa Service Center

    Monday, Tuesday

    1200 - 1600

    Wednesday, Friday



    1200 - 1900

    Every 3rd Saturday of the each month

    0900 - 1200

    Phone DSN: 645-2323